Does Advertise on Facebook Help SEO?

Business owners or entrepreneurs are often seen spending money on over-priced digital marketing plans but end up having common results. This is when you get in touch with a fraud digital marketer who has been looking for someone like you to fool. When the business competition is on a peerless height, this is quite a common thing to experience or heard about.

Preventing such incidents is only possible when you know how to play it smart. Yes, there are many entrepreneurs or business owners who take a keen interest in understanding all the aspects of digital marketing. They do so, not just to enrich their knowledge bars but to know which kind of marketing is trending and can bring what results to the business.

Making it happen has become even easier with Google. No matter you want to look for the nearest Chinese restaurant or want to find out all your answers about ‘How to advertise on Facebook.’ Google has it all. But it doesn’t mean, fetching knowledge won’t make you a marketing pro anyhow. To be that one, you need to brace up your skills through practical projects.

Just like many, if you are a newbie to digital marketing than here is something really productive for you.

How is Facebook fruitful for SEO?

SEO and Facebook are often misunderstood. These two are completely different types of marketing techniques which end up giving you, of course, different results. Before we go ahead, let’s clarify the difference between the both-


Search engine optimization is a technical procedure where an SEO analyst is required to create multiple links in order to bring the website to the top search results of Google. Here, choosing apt keywords and writing 100% unique content plays the biggest role. Generally, there are two different types of SEO- white hat and black hat. To generate genuine or organic results, SEO analysts always prefer to go for white hat over black one.

Facebook in digital marketing-

Social media, being a vital part of digital marketing creates a huge difference. More than reading a blog or visiting a website, people prefer to know about the business through social media channels. And whenever we talk about social media, Facebook is the only platform that strikes at first. This shows our addiction to this network the most.

Continuing the similar fact, Facebook is the most preferred social media network, no matter for promotions or for entertainment purposes. Here’s how it helps not just for overall marketing but for SEO as well.

  1. Facebook Ad – Comes under paid marketing, the Facebook ad campaign is all about making enticing ads and running biding a certain amount on every relevant SEO keyword.


  1. Content – The posts are written on Facebook or any other social media platform if contains the SEO keyword can tenfold its impact.


  1. Facebook profile rankings – SEO can be performed by ranking the particular business Facebook page.

The concluding words-

Attaining productive SEO results becomes much faster by using social media connections. This has given digital marketers new marketing goals and strategies. Businesses that ask for faster results are always recommended to go for Facebook promotions.